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Powder Coating

Once your work has been professionally Blast Cleaned, Powder Coating is the next stage in the finishing process. Powder Coating is the ” State Of The Art ” alternative to old fashioned wet painting.

Minute powder particles are charged electro-statically and applied to the product. Each component is carefully prepared, blast cleaned and masked to provide perfect adhesion for your chosen colour / finish.
Your choice of finish will suit the application and afford the fullest protection against corrosion and resistance to elements. The coating once temperature cured, is;

Extremely durable

Chip resistant

Re-touchable finish

The ” State Of The Art ” alternative to old fashioned wet painting.

Powder coating offers outstanding looks. These coatings have an excellent performance record on both exterior and interior uses. The finished product will be far harder-wearing than can be achieved with a wet paint finish. 

Take a look at the range of colours available to you.

Painting and finishing specialists

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Painting and Finishing Specialists