Painting and finishing specialists

Paint Spraying

For items that are sensitive to the heat we offer a range of air drying finishes for wood, plastics and MDF materials. 

Items include plastic mouldings for offices, shops, the computer industry and woodwork for the shop fitting trade.

All coated parts are fully inspected prior to dispatch to ensure that they meet the required level of quality.

Wide range of colours and textured finishes

ABC Enamelling endeavour at all times to meet the requirements of customers by offering a wide range of finishes in both textures, colours and lacquered finishes.

All finishing work can be colour matched to virtually and RAL or BS colour. They can, if required, offer non-standard colours matched to samples supplied by the customer.

Take a look at the range of colours available to you.

Painting and finishing specialists

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ABC Enamelling will provide a competitive quotation and professional finishing service.

Painting and Finishing Specialists